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There are many unknowns. Who or what created the worlds? Are we separated by distance or do we actually exist on different planes of existence? These questions will be debated until the end of time. Much like those things many will wonder where the Waypoint came from.


The Waypoint

The Waypoint was discovered three years ago. Many are claiming to be the first but it is believed that a variety of groups arrived simultaneously while trying to reach another destination. As could be expected they bickered and fought about who has claim to the newly discovered world. To this day it continues with no one group having fully establishing dominance.

Waypoint has become a central hub of activity due to it being a neutral ground. Many a merchant comes to trade for goods that cannot be found on their home world in hopes of making a fortune. However such endeavors carry great risk. Thieves and thugs stalk the night taking advantage of many an unguarded merchant. Guards are in high demand to insure that transactions occur without incident.

The Waypoint itself is still uncharted. Few who have arrived have taken the time to map the area or try to discover any clues to its unknown past. There are no known sentient natives that have attempted to make contact with off world travelers. Further investigation may however reveal more about this mysterious land.

This untamed land has also become a wealth of natural resources as well. Water is available in abundance and there is a wide variety of flora that can be used to create amazing potions which can heal, augment or even disable the imbiber. There are also mines that contain rare metals and stones capable of enhancing the power of spell.

The Waypoint Effect

Waypoint has a strange effect on many who arrive. Some find themselves unchanged in anyway while others find their magic works differently or sometimes not at all. In certain circumstances even their physical being is altered though this is very rare. Others discover talents they never knew they had but when they go somewhere else they find themselves unable to use them again. Some items are altered or disappear when people travel to Waypoint only to reappear upon their return home. This strange occurrence is known as the Waypoint Effect and its origin is still unknown.

Commerce and Economy

The Universal Currency System

Instead of trading the multitude of different coins and currencies the Council made it law that all transaction can be completed with their specially made gems. The currency is backed by The Iron Empire, Lamneth and Sylvanna but not acceptable in those realms. New people are encouraged to visit the depository to exchange for Waypoint currency. Merchants in Waypoint only take council approved currency for the sake of simplicity.

Some have tried to make copies of the currency but the method is actually quite complex and closely guarded leaving master forgers perplexed. This however has not stopped them from attempting to do so.


A great many merchants pass through Waypoint and they offer plenty of work to those who want it. Whether that be guarding a caravan or going to collect a payment the merchants usually pay pretty well for services rendered.

There are also some who have decided to lay down roots in Waypoint. These merchants operate out of the local bazaar where a variety of items can be found for purchase. Forming a good rapport with these dealers is always encouraged but always keep in mind that making profit will always come first in their eyes no matter how nice they may seem.

Merchants tend to be busy purchasing new inventory, managing production of goods and as such they are not always available at their storefronts. Some also tend to have erratic hour and tracking them down can be a pain. Waking them up for minor purchases tend to cause inflated prices.

However recently there has been a dramatic shift with the slaughtering of many of the merchants at the local bazaar by Crimson, a rogue Peacekeeper, and his compatriots. Many merchants are now afraid to set up permanent residency in Waypoint. The brave ones who have decided to stay are now very much in demand, albeit in a high risk high reward situation.

The Black Market

With the elimination of the bazaar, another group of business-minded individuals operating in Waypoint have benefited immensely as well. Most call them the Black Market, and they are rumored to sell anything one could desire - for the right price. Many allege that the Black Market engages in slavery, organ trafficking, and other unseemly activities. No spokesman for the Black Market has emerged to counter these allegations. Some say that the Black Market does not actually exist, and the Merchants were using the fear of them to cause the Council and the Peacekeepers to outlaw all of their competition.

Whatever the case may be, it's very possible that if one talks to the right person who has a friend who knows a guy, it may be possible to purchase things not available anywhere else. It is also possible that if they are crossed the Black Market may send legbreakers or assassins to educate the offender. Whichever way, many are encouraged to tread carefully when dealing with these less than moral individuals.


The Council

In an effort to establish some kind of governing body the founders formed a council of representatives. The council consists of two members from each world. The process for qualifying new council members is highly unscientific. Some buy their way into the position, others earn the right to represent their people and some just assume vacancies. Council members receive no special privileges in Waypoint other than those provided to them by their embassy.

So far the only things the council has agreed on is the universal currency system, the Rule of 100 and the establishment of the Peacekeepers. Getting them to agree on any course of action has been difficult at best over the past year. They meet once every 10 days unless an emergency session must be held. Only a council member may call for an emergency session with only one being called thus far, on the night Crimson destroyed the merchant bazaar.


The Council does have a standing army but it can only be used if the decision has 3/4 majority. Members of this army are referred to as Peacekeepers and it consists of people who have renounced all former ties dedicating themselves to Waypoint. The position is one that must be held until death so people do not join lightly.

They are committed to non-interference. Meaning that unless the council demands action these soldiers will not do anything to stop a crime or aid those in need. If attacked they will however defend themselves to the fullest. Peacekeepers are completely neutral in all things. They are also forbidden from communicating in public.

Recently a large majority of the Peacekeepers have rebelled against the council. Their leader, Crimson, a Peacekeeper who wears a red mask, has declared war on the Council. He states that he will purge Waypoint of Council control, so that the people can be completely free from their tyranny. After destroying the merchants at the bazaar, Crimson and his followers have taken up residence there.

The town of Freedom rose up, and defeated crimson and the peacekeeper army.

The Rule of 100

This rule was placed to avoid an all out war for control of Waypoint. No organization may have more than one hundred combat ready individuals with the exception of the Peacekeepers. Any organization that is caught trying to subvert this rule is to be banned from Waypoint. If the transgressors refuse or choose to fight it is believed the Peacekeepers would be called in but since no one has been caught violating this decry, many wonder what the exact repercussions will be.


Due to the chaotic climate of the Waypoint off world council members decided to start establishing Embassies. An Embassy generally serves as a safe haven for those who are from the world in which it represents. Guards, representatives and guests often reside within an embassy. However, being in an Embassy does not guarantee safety. Might makes right in Waypoint, and it is not unheard of for one group to be flat out attacked by another in a grab for power or out of vengeance. Certain Embassies may be enemies with another or have an alliance.

Law and Order

There is no central law enforcement for Waypoint and there are no laws that govern the entire area. Instead people tend to form their own rules and regulations within their camps or embassies. What is acceptable in one camp may be taboo in another so visiting camps can be risky if care is not taken.

Inter-dimensional Travel

Inter-Dimensional travel is a very common occurrence in and around Waypoint. The most common method of travel is via Gate but there are a variety of ways Inter-Dimensional travel can be achieved.


Gates are stationary doorways that can be used to transport people to a landing of their choice by imputing the correct coordinates. There are 7 slots in which one of ten symbols can be input. The area around a gate is also considered a landing.

Once the last symbol is entered, the gate is begins powering up. One minute later, it opens a doorway that leads to the destination. The doorway is always opaque and offers no clue as to what's on the other side. It remains open for one minute. After the time has elapsed the 7 slots on the gate default to its own coordinates and the doorway closes.

If a person or object comes into contact with a doorway the process of inter-dimensional travel begins. They are under the effects of paralyze for 5 seconds. This effect is unavoidable. After the time has elapsed they arrive at the landing.

Upon arriving at the landing you are paralyzed for 5 seconds due to the trauma of inter-dimensional travel. This is also unavoidable. Charged skills are disrupted by this process. Objects lose their momentum upon arrival making shooting arrows and such impractical.


A Landing is an area that can be reached via inter-dimensional travel. Landings usually entail an area of about 50 foot radius from its center. All gates are considered landings but not all landings have gates. When traveling to a landing you can end up anywhere within that landing area.


Some spells and items allow you to create a portal that can take you to a landing. Traveling through a portal has the same stipulations as traveling through a gate.


Wormholes are inter-dimensional anomalies that create a portal between two points. Unlike gates and portals these doorways vary in size, are not opaque and allow instant transportation as though walking through a doorway.


Listed below are the available written languages. More languages may be available at a later time.


  • Orcish
  • Elven
  • Standard
  • Dwarven
  • Empire