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Location of Harhald

Plains of Harhald
World Information
Native People Plainsmen
Native Fauna Groaks

Dubbed one of the most inhospitable worlds since it's discovery, Harhald stands out as a place of constant terror. Not because of dangerous climate or impassable terrain but because almost every creature has developed a means of killing most other creatures. Be it the flora or the fauna, herbivore or carnivore everything on Harhald is capable of killing everything else.



The Plainsmen of Harhald, the only known surviving sentient race tell tales of a world that wasn't as hostile as the present day. A time when this world was very much as any other. It had it's circle of life, it's true niches and roles for each creature defined. Food webs and ecosystems thrived in a state of balance that even the interference of the races couldn't unravel. But a calamity befell Harhald, and the world would forever be the nightmare it is today.


Like most other worlds Harhald was home to an abundance of diversity, home to several sentient races including Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans and various Shortfolk. Technology had advanced to various levels for each race with the Gnomes at the forefront. The Elves had dabbled much into the magics of the world alongside the Orcs, whose spiritual beliefs impressed the Elves enough for an alliance to be formed. Humanity, largely left to it's own devices had steadily advanced and gone into work with the Dwarves. Devoid of magic but cunning in many ways the Dwarves worked the ground and below better than any other, mining various resources that they then exported to Humanity and Gnomekind. Halflings, another group labeled with Gnomes as "Shortfolk" worked as acquirers of rare material and items for the Gnomes, being given whatever they wished as payment.

The Gnomes had a habit of taking technology from other races and expanding upon it. However they were limited by their location, situated on a plateau surrounded by the jungles of Harhald. Those jungles were home to the Elves, who had made a pact with the Gnomes ensuring neither race encroached upon the other's territory by normal means. The Elves never had any intent of damaging this pact, though the Gnomes had been searching for decades for a way to overcome the stipulations and take the fertile jungle terrain for themselves. The expansion of their technology demanded an expansion of territory, and the jungle was enticing enough a target for the Gnomes to sacrifice the vows and agreeances of old. But in order to avert all-out war with the Elves they had to evict the population without incriminating themselves. Thus they used their mastery of technology (and wanton disregard for magic) to create the Climate Conqueror

Weather as a Weapon

Utilizing one of the natural processes of the world the Gnomes sought to push the Elves from their native home. Storm systems on Harhald were already known to be quite powerful. If one could harness that power and control it the weather itself would become a formidable weapon. Gnomish ingenuity combined with already existing Elven technology used in the manipulation of magic. Their scientists believed they could utilize such to control the magics of the weathers of Harhald, only to discover the upper atmospheric levels relied very little on such energies. With complete disregard for the natural processes of their own world the Gnomes constructed a great harvester capable of drawing the massive amounts of magic they would need from the abundant life magics of Harhald. The harvester then beamed those energies skyward, seeding the atmosphere with unnaturally large amounts of raw magic. The power source now present, the Gnomes had only to activate the Clinate Conquertor and their plan would be complete.

For the first few months the Gnomes did nothing of note. They were careful to test their device first, excercising caution for the first time in the process of their domination of the jungles. One miscalculation could form a hurricane atop their plateau home just as easily as it could upon the Elves they sought to displace. Their trial runs, manipulating small weather patterns and minute climate adjustments were met with enormous success. After half a year of preparation and steadily larger scale experimentation the Gnomes felt they were ready to unleash their machine. Envoys went to several of the closer Elven cities to observe potential targets. They made sure to arrive by air via dirigibles allowing them to see birds-eye-views of their targets. They captured images and rough sketches for before and after comparisons. Satisfied with their information they retreated and held a small council to determine the best location to strike. After much deliberation the Gnomes chose the city of Maeg'canas, an Elven tree city to their East. Maeg'canas was protected on three aides by natural mountain topography and was thus difficult beyond measure to assault by normal means. It would make the perfect target for a first strike.








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