Introduction to Waypoint

The setting of this game is high fantasy. That means that there are many of your typical fantasy races (i.e. Elves, Dwarves and Orcs), magic and a general medieval theme. There are also some renaissance elements in regards to pistols and cannons as well as the ability to create strange inventions which allows you to integrate things like steampunk and pirates.

In other words the world is very open. Players are encouraged to be creative with their character concepts and back stories. If you have an alternate setting in which your character comes from we can work to integrate it with the current world.

This is how the world is created. It is a blank canvas and the players are the painters.

When your first arrive at the event, you'll need to check in at NPC camp. The game staff will be on hand to help with creating your new character. Once a member of the game staff reviews your character and initials your character sheet, you'll be issued the tags for your starting equipment.

Before the game begins, there'll be a quick game on meeting to go over what to expect during the particular event and any relevant game related updates.

Once the game begins, you will be expected to remain in character as much as possible. Out of game conversations detracts from the imerssion in the game for other players and is disrespectful.

  • Costume: Your costume should be in game. Be as elaborate as you want. Many people buy or make period clothes for their characters, but a simple tunic and slacks can be sufficient starting garb. There will be LARP supplies available for purchase at each event, or you can check out our online store. We recommend a good pair of boots or shoes as you will be on your feet a lot.

  • Weapons & Equipment: LARP safe weapons can be made with PVC pipes and an outerlayer of foam pipe installation and duct tape or cloth. Latex weapons may be purchased through a wide varierty of websites as well. Game staff reserves the right to disapprove any weapon that does not appear safe. Spell packets are sewn cloth filled with bird seed. We also allow period looking nerf weapons (ie: painted bronze) for those wishing to role-play steampunk weapons. Bring any other in-game items that may support your characters role and enhance your experiance (pouches, water skins, mugs, etc.)

  • Food: Bring ample food and snacks. There is a gas station approx. 8 miles away from the site, so bringing everything you need in advance will save a lot of time. We will not have refridgerator storage for use, so a multiple day rated cooler will be needed if you plan on bringing anything perishable. Depending on the campsite, there may be a kitchen area for player use, but be prepared for having to cook over a campfire (or portable camp grill). Hobo pies make a great alternative. Cooking irons shaped for them can be affordably purchased at local supermarkets. Ample drinking water is important. You'll be partaking in various physical activity throughout the event. One gallon of drinking water per person per day is recommended. Bring utensils for eating. Period feastware and tankards are encouraged and can be purchased at our on site store, but otherwise bring plates, forks, spoons and drink ware

  • Camping Supplies: A tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag rated for expected weather conditions should be brought to our rustic overnight events. For events at a campsite there are communal sleeping areas, but you will still need to provide your own bedding. Bring basic hygiene supplies such as deodorant, dry shampoo.

Anybody above the age of 18 can play. Teenagers 15 and older can play with an adult family member. A waiver will need to be signed by the parents for all players under 18.

  • NO illegal substances
  • NO real weapons (exception: utility knife or cooking knife)
  • NO explosives or flammables (exception: portable camping grill or starter logs for campfires)


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