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TOPIC: Looking for a messenger.

Looking for a messenger. 1 year 4 months ago #2273

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*Marek strides into the tavern, locates and sits next to Noe Phat*

Speaking to those around Noe,

"I heard murmurings about assisting the Wildwind village further. To all who do not know me,*looking everyone nearby in the eye* I am Marek Xaratheon, leader of the Blackguard Syndicate. Four refugees from the Wildwind village came into our camp at the end of last moon looking for help. We provided a potion for an injury, and a few Sky Pillars for supplies. We extend an offer of what assistance we can afford to the village itself, for what Noe said is true. We are new arrivals to the Waypoint. Our livelihood in our former world was taken from us. I can send one detachment of three to escort the messenger to Ruuk, or they themselves can take the message to Ruuk. Another three from the Blackguard can help in the village in whatever way necessary."

*Runs a hand down over a weary face*
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Looking for a messenger. 1 year 4 months ago #2275

Good day Marek. I am Jacob Wildwind of the Panda Inititative. I appreciate any help you offered to the villagers from Wildwind village, and also any aid you can offer in the future.

We have been trying to fortify the village, and train their militia as best we could, but they were not ready for a large scale invasion by trained soldiers. Now I am trying to help re-build what was destroyed, train a new militia, along with what is left of the old one. And last but not least, decide what to do about the Bloodfist Orcs that attacked in the first place.
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