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TOPIC: Transfer Request (Tartarus)

Transfer Request (Tartarus) 1 year 5 months ago #2248

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Oh what a day it would be! He'd been eagerly anticipating this meeting, even if the outcome was a forgone conclusion. With everything going on lately there was no way he would be denied. Passing the portal on his way to the Institute of Biological Mystery, Dr. Dais Orochi practically had a spring in his step. Despite the typical dreary weather of Tartarus Dr. Dais couldn't be happier.

Months earlier he had applied for a transfer request, alongside a temporary stay request pending the result of the transfer. He'd been granted the temporary stay, allowing him to continue his work in the relative peace of his world. No dealing with crazy demons or angry wildlife. No problems he wasn't used to. No Waypoint, and the insanity that must occur to those desiring to live in such an abominable place. It made Tartarus look hospitable! Well, come to think of it, Tartarus WAS more hospitable.

Mr. Crowe was no longer a member of the Damocles Council. That news alone had brightened Dais's days. Even brighter still was the ascension of his friend, John Styx, to that open position! Now with the living, good minds of John Styx AND Lord Dylan Dysmas he was sure true progress could be made. If only Lady Molly Malone would retire. That bloated sack...Dais knew she was a rotten apple to her undead core. Well, he could only hope she would fail her trial as well.

Now as he entered the Institute of Biological Mystery he clutched his golden ticket, his request letter from Dr. Ezekiel Goodman himself! A little strange, but maybe he was to be commended for all of his hard work here? Wouldn't that just be a treat. Along the halls he went, before stopping to let Dr. Goodman's secretary know he was here for their meeting. In no time the door opened, and Dr. Goodman waved him in.

"Dr. Orochi, thank you for coming," said the man. Dr. Goodman sat behind his expansive mahogany desk, stacks of papers cluttering its dark red surface.

"Well sir, its not every day a man such as yourself requests an audience," Dais replied. He sat opposite Dr. Goodman, admiring the comfort of the chair and the cozyness of the room. A bit of green caught his eye.

"Is that...a phalaenopsis orchird on the windowsill? My my sir, how do you keep such a thing alive?!"

Dais almost bolted out of his chair, if just to get a closer look at such a lovely specimen. The orchid was tall, bent slightly towards the top. Dark green leaves extended out from the base, and the stalk was adorned with moth shaped fuschia-colored flowers. Dr. Goodman gave a chuckle.

"A special blend of fertilizer, and a bit of magic every day. It was a gift from my daughter," replied Dr. Goodman with a content sigh.

"A beautiful gift," said Dais, almost enamored with the flower. Nothing like this grew hear anymore.

"Its actually part of the reason I called for you today," Dr. Goodman stated. Dais turned back to the man.

"Is it now? How so sir?"

Dais did his best to hide his excitement. Here came the announcement. His reassignment. Oh happy days!

"That flower," Dr. Goodman said. "It came from Waypoint. You're familiar with that place, correct?"

"I am sir. And don't get me wrong. Beautiful place. But you know, its new, wild, uncharted. Really not a place for-"

"Good," Dr. Goodman cut him off. "You'll be seeing more of it."

For a moment the world broke. Or maybe Dais's face fell off of his head. He wasn't quite sure he'd caught that bit. Or maybe Dr. Goodman was speaking in a different language?

"Ex...excuse me...what?" he stammered.

"Dr. Orochi, you're one of our most adept Senior Field Agents." Dr. Goodman removed his glasses, wiping the lenses before continuing. "Given the recent events and political situations regarding Lamneth, and of course the danger that our Undead field agents would be in, we've decided to reject your transfer request and keep you on in Waypoint."

He went to say something, to argue, to interject. He wanted to scream at this man, at the ridiculousness of this decision. Surely there had been a mistake! Most certainly something was awry! But he couldn't find his voice, and so he just sat there, slack jawed, fighting for a shout but all he produced was a squeak.

"Given your abilities and fields of study we're sure you can do more good in the world outside of Tartarus," said Dr. Goodman. "After the situation with Mr. Crowe's departure from the Damocles Council, well, we'd like a friendly face out there in Waypoint. And we couldn't think of anyone better than you, Dr. Orochi."

There was a growing fury coiling inside of him, but all it did was wrap ice around his bowels. Dejected. Defeated. He could see it in Dr. Goodman's old eyes. This was a battle that could not be won. The old goat had made up his mind, and nothing Dais said would change that. So he gritted his teeth, took a breath. Calmed his nerves as if he was going into a major operation.

"Thank you," he said. "For this opportunity then. I will serve as a face, as a liaison for Tartarus then while I am at Waypoint."

"Splendid!" Dr. Goodman rose from his seat, and extended his hand.

It took every fiber of Dais's being not to shake that old hand until it fell off. A short, curt shake after Dais had stood. He couldn't help but sigh though, at this predicament.

"When does my assignment start," he half-spoke, half-muttered.

"Oh!" Dr. Goodman exclaimed. "You leave in three days. Best get your things packed up! I'll have the usual staff tend to your house while you're away. Good day to you, and good luck!"

With his mind ground to a halt Dais couldn't resist Dr. Goodman walking him out of the office, and his senses really only returned well after the door had been closed behind him. And after the secretary had said his name no less than fourteen times. A look of impatience on her face, he slowly turned his head to her. She was holding papers out towards him. Absent-mindedly he took them, looking through the assortment as he headed back towards his home.

The official writ of rejection for his request. His travel documents and cataloging assignment. The "Essential List of Things to take" list all field agents were given. They just waved along beside his leg as Dais walked, head hung low.

"Waypoint...here I come..." he said with a dejected sigh.
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