Of the Waypoint Council Worlds

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The Waypoint is a unique place within the known diversity of realms.  Some worlds have had more time than others to study, interact with, and understand the value and danger of this uniqueness.  These core worlds have, out of necessity and farsight, seen fit to form a Council with which to aid in the management and peaceful interaction with the Waypoint.  The origins and properties of each of these worlds are diverse.  They have their own unique cultures, governments, and histories.  That they can come together in a shared endeavor is nothing short of amazing, for there are a vast set of challenges set before them.

Herein you shall find what is known... rumored... and, quite honestly, mere speculation.  The tales and observations here accounted belong to their contributers.  It falls, as with most things, to the reader to glean what truth or fiction can be found in these accounts.



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