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Miss Shaw feeling ... sadly resigned.
*sigh* I remember the days when forums of this kind were a hive of RP activity. When you could hardly keep up. Now... crickets. I feel like it's because of smart phones. It's become a pain in the ass to actually sit down at a computer and write. And writing anything of worth or substance on a phone is hard. So, people just don't. They casually gaze at content, never really engaging...
An art form lost, it feels. And it makes me sad. I SO long for some good written role playing. A way to engage with my fellows when we're not on the field. It's fun to get to describe Shaw more in depth, to see what others have to offer. I miss it. I remember the days when I wrote pages and pages... and so did others. It was thrilling and so fulfilling. Now... crickets.
Miss Shaw feeling instructional
So, this is a cool wall. Kinda like Facebook, but for your character. I'd advise using it as such, but of course this is your space to so with as you please!

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Miss Shaw
Miss Abigail Elizabeth Shaw

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