About Waypoint Larp:

Waypoint Larp is a Live Action Role Playing Game based, mostly, out of West Michigan.  We have three active chapters.


Waypoint Prime

The town of Freedom rests at the center of a nexus of the oldest worlds that laid the original treaty that governed the Waypoint. Hosting the embassies of those worlds and the refugees of those and many other worlds accessible by the gates, portals, and wormholes of the multiverse. Adventurers travel the wild and expanding Waypoint in a constantly evolving dynamic allowing for carefree fun or deep intrigue and drama. The key worlds and peoples of Waypoint prime are a diverse tapestry of magic, adventure, and a dab of politics. Worlds of classical fantasy mash up with eclectic worlds to explore. You can find anything from noble paladins reclaiming worlds sundered by apokalypse to gunslinging necromancer heroes. There is something for everyone, or bring a new idea and add your own story to the tapestry for others to explore with us.

Waypoint Odyssey (North)- 

Waypoint Abyss (East)- 

Abyss is a multi-world medieval/steampunk fantasy game with a horror bent. Welcome to Prosperity Falls, a frontier town specializing in eldritch abominations, back-alley deals, and shady kingdoms with a flair for chaos. This end of the Waypoint is gaining a reputation as a place to do inter-world business both on and off the record. You might chat with a friendly Mushroom while watching the jellyflights drift against the setting sun. You might make desperate deals with a priest of chaos while cryptids hunt you from the shadows. If you’re a righteous hero, clever villain, or just a traveler with a dream, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the bottom of the Abyss.