A shadow rises over the Waypoint...

Some came to answer the call of the hero; that inner voice that speaks of chivalry, altruism, and goodness. Others, t'was the search for knowledge or power that brought them here. Darkness and blood are the coin of some, souls steeped in deeds too terrible for the light of day. Still others, lost to the mists of time, find themselves as strangers in an even stranger land. All, however, have one single thing in common; they now walk the lands called the Waypoint.

This world between worlds, where magic and technology clash and the impossible is frighteningly real, stands at the center-point of all space and time. It defies reason or logic, explanation or control. It is here that some brave and ambitious few have clawed a life out of the wilderness and wilds to build a coherent community out of such disparate origins. Against the nightmares of myth and beside the folk of legend they make the Waypoint their own.

Welcome to Waypoint, where anything is possible… and things are rarely as they seem. Where children's stories and impossibilities walk. A realm between realms where techno sorcery exists beside future-anarchy… and magic is real.

From the darkness shadows have begun to rise and there are whispers of fractures in the new made peace so hard won.  The fragile bonds forged between the Living and the Undead have been tested nearly to breaking.  Though the battle hardened folk of the Waypoint have been tested and found stronger than the sum of the challenges before them, their greatest test is yet to come.  For an ominous shadow creeps across the face of the realm, and even the most brazen hearts cannot help but wonder... what awaits them... when the snows melt?


If you have ever felt the call to be more than you are, to shed the mundane and walk among legends, to become the greatest of heroes or darkest of villains, the Waypoint awaits. Here, long swords clash with black powder and you can cast off your past to become anything… anyone you have the strength and courage to create. Here… those with cunning or charisma can bring folk together to build their own place in an ever-changing world full of challenge… and possibility.

Waypoint is a Live Action Role Playing game with three Michigan wide locations to serve you in your local community. Whether larp is something you have heard of but never tried, or you are the consummate veteran, we would love to welcome you to our ever growing community of dedicated players. Our responsive staff and passionate community are always here to help you make Waypoint a part of your role playing recreation!